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Looking after my PEOPLE, so I have a brilliant workforce

I’m looking after my PEOPLE

People are at the centre of any SME’s success. Form hiring the right people to building a culture that supports, motivates and retains that talent, is a critical factor to successful growth.

At SME Live, you will gain insights and meet partners that will help you create a brilliant workforce.

Across the two days experts from leading brands will discuss solutions and give advice to match your needs. Topics include;
- Working with a trusted HR partner to help meet your business objectives 
- Keep your systems simple as you adapt to gig-economy working and new business models 
- Streamlining the process of sharing ownership with your team

See below the partners and experts you can meet, network and learn from by attending SME Live.

Meet the right SME partners



Learn from our SME Experts

Hakim Bukenya
Sir John Peace
Patrick Magee
Ayah Sharif
Patrick Cutliffe
Nick Chism
Damon Walford
Christine Hancock
Natalie Snow
Daren Pickering
Yasmin Akram
Mark Hart
Matt Bunn
Sandra Garlick
Graham Nicol
Emma Jane Packe
Desiree Qiu Xu
Stephen Blackman
Ruth Chapman
Julie Warren
Andy King
Lee Currier
Robert Fryers
Christine Charles
John Downes
Neil Warwick
Heather Elliott
Victoria Thompson
Neil Morrison
Gary Lennon
Marianne Page
Tony Seaton
Peter Ware
Robert Hopkin
Jon Roberts
Steven Antoneemootoo
Mark Davies
Paul Martin
Dr Mark Gilman
Dr Steve Walker ACIB
Austin Ashley
Phil Tooley
John Hesketh
Kam Bains
Andrew Scott
Dan Stackhouse
Malcolm Boswell
Chetan Kasim
Richard Brown
Gurinder Sunner
Shezad Nawab
Paul Uppal
Sarah Taylor
Jason Green
Dr Peter Lewis
Raja Prasanna
Martin Scott
Lynn Kennedy
Susanna Kempe
Emma Richards
Oliver Gleave