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Why Visit

To grow your business its critical that you are able to grow your customer base, optimism your processes and build a winning team, all of which can be underpinned by raising finance. Just one day at SME Live we will show you how to do all this, saving you months of research, saving you money and winning you back crucial time so you can focus on running your business. So let us know what's on your mind and see how a visit to SME Live can help you;

  • Making more sales
  • Raising finance
  • Improving efficiency
  • Cutting costs

Who attends?

  • Entrepreneurs and Founder of the regions fastest growing companies
  • MD, Owner and Director of established small businesses
  • CEO, MD, Operations Director, Finance Director and Marketing Director of larger businesses
  • From all industries including; manufacturing, construction, finance, consumer goods, technology, transport, education

Why do visitors attend? Because in just one day you can; 

  • Get access to business advice from leading experts that usually would cost £50K
  • Learn how to raise finance and funding for your business by reviewing 100's of available options
  • Establish new relationships that will help you win new customers and grow your revenue        
  • Discover how to cut your cost by finding efficient new solutions and processes
  • Source new suppliers and partners from over 200 international and regional specialists 
  • Meet your next partner or client through facilitated networking at the event 
  • Get advice on how to build and maintain a winning team 

2018 Exhibitors include



meet our experts

Hakim Bukenya
Sir John Peace
Ric Harvey
Patrick Cutliffe
Ayah Sharif
Patrick Magee
Emma Hill
Damon Walford
Nick Chism
Simon Jacobson
Christine Hancock
Natalie Snow
Daren Pickering
Yasmin Akram
David O’Neill
Mark Hart
Shanial Charan
Matt Bunn
Sandra Garlick
Graham Nicol
Emma Jane Packe
Olly Sewell
Stephen Blackman
Gareth Carroll
Desiree Qiu Xu
Paul Lock
Jo Pettifer
Tracey McInnes
Ruth Chapman
Julie Warren
Jason Spencer
Andy King
Ian Vickers
Lee Currier
Robert Fryers
Alun Parry
Richard Hanscott
Christine Charles
Thomas McErlean
John Downes
Matthew Sinclair
Neil Warwick
Heather Elliott
Victoria Thompson
David Remington
Neil Morrison
Gary Lennon
Marianne Page
Tony Seaton
Peter Ware
Robert Hopkin
Joel Campbell
Jon Roberts
Steven Antoneemootoo
Mark Davies
Paul Martin
Dr Mark Gilman
Dr Steve Walker ACIB
Austin Ashley
Phil Tooley
Neville Ward
Daniel Olsson
David McCormack
John Hesketh
Steev Glover
Kam Bains
Claus Klein-Ipsen
Andrew Scott
Dan Stackhouse
Malcolm Boswell
Chetan Kasim
Simon Lyons
Jordan Foster
Richard Brown
Gurinder Sunner
Shezad Nawab
Paul Uppal
Sarah Taylor
Jason Green
Dr Peter Lewis
Raja Prasanna
Martin Scott
Lynn Kennedy
Susanna Kempe
Emma Richards
Oliver Gleave
Dr Keith Glanfield

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