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Winning new CUSTOMERS to grow revenue

I want to win more CUSTOMERS

Whether your job title says Owner, Sales or Marketing, you’re all about revenue. You focus on growth. More customers. More income. Winning new customers and growing revenue is key to any business growth strategy. 

At SME Live, you will gain insights and meet partners that will help your business's revenue grow by developing your own growth strategy. 

Across the two days experts from leading brands will discuss solutions and give advice to match your needs. Topics include; 
- How to build world-class marketing practices among SMEs 
- Discover how to stand out in a crowded marketplace 
- Learn how to grow through exports – and how you fund it!

See below the partners and experts you can meet, network and learn from by attending SME Live.

Meet the right SME partners



Learn from our SME Experts

Emma Hill
Simon Jacobson
Olly Sewell
Paul Lock
Tracey McInnes
Jason Spencer
Richard Hanscott
Steev Glover
Jordan Foster
Dr Keith Glanfield